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What is IFTA?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement is an agreement between all 48 contiguous states, and 10 Canadian provinces. IFTA has a goal to simplify the reporting of all fuel use taxes by commercial motor carriers. It enables participating jurisdictions to cooperate in the collection and administration of motor fuel taxes.

What is IFTA Plus?

IFTA Plus is an online IFTA fuel tax software service that allows to you quickly, easily and accurately prepare and file your state IFTA return.

What makes IFTA Plus special?

There are many reasons our customers are incredibly loyal to IFTA Plus. First of all, we prepare your actual return for you. Most other IFTA software programs give you a generic report which require you to transfer by hand to your state return. Second, there is never anything to update, such as IFTA rates. Third, we have several promotional programs that can earn you credit or cash.

What is IFTA Connect?

IFTA Connect is a promotion we offer that allows you to distribute coupons with a promotion code specific to your company. When another company uses your promo code during checkout, they save money and you earn $5 cash. Then, every future quarter they file a return with us, you continue to earn an additional $5, up to $750 per quarter. 

What do I need to get started?

You will need to collect your miles driven and fuel purchases for the entire quarter (for example, October 1st thru December 31st). Some companies have fuel reports and some have fuel receipts. Some companies have trip reports and some have mileage logs. It doesn’t matter how you have your information. IFTA Plus allows you to enter your data in any format. Additionally, IFTA Plus can gather your employee and vehicle information. This is optional, but allows you to have better reporting on miles driven per driver and per vehicle.

How long will this take me?

If you are a small carrier who travels in 10 – 20 states, it should take you about 15 minutes, once you have all your miles and gallons. For example, if you have miles driven and gallons purchased already totaled by state, and you only traveled in 10 or 12 states, then you can easily be complete in 5 minutes. If you are a new user to IFTA Plus, registration will take only a few minutes.

Does this service work for all fuel types?

No. IFTA Plus assumes all fuel types are Diesel. If there is enough demand, we will add support for more fuel types – biodiesel, E85, E90, A55 for example.

I need to file a late IFTA return, can I use IFTA Plus for past quarters?

Absolutely. We can prepare any quarters since Q1 2007. Make sure you have your miles and gallons collected for the quarter you wish to file.

Does IFTA Plus only cost $30?

It depends on the size of your company. There are 2 ways to pay: a recurring quarterly fee or you can pay each quarter when you are about to file your return. Setting up a recurring payment is the cheapest option. Additional discounts are available if you want to sign up for a year.

What do I get and what other charges might apply?

IFTA Plus generates your return for the base IFTA jurisdiction where your business is located. Once your data is entered, you will pay the fee, then print and sign your return. A cover sheet comes with your return containing easy instructions on how to file. We also offer New York Highway Use Tax and Kentucky Weight Distance form preparation if you have miles in either New York or Kentucky. There is NO additional preparation fee for these form.

Are there any additional or hidden fees?

No. There are no hidden fees. And this is very simple…you enter your data, pay and print your return. We will only charge you for what you order and if you choose more than one filing option, every charge is clearly outlined for you – prior to payment.

If there is an IFTA balance owed, how do I pay that?

If you have an IFTA balance, you will be responsible for submitting a check along with the completed state IFTA form. If there is a credit balance, then you will either have that applied to your next quarter or you will receive a check for the balance. You indicate that preference right on the return. Our cover sheet will explain that in more detail when you print the return.

What if I have a refund?

If you have a refund, your Balance Due will be negative and will be refunded to you after you file your return.

How do I pay for IFTA Plus?

IFTA Plus protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. IFTA Plus uses one of the most trusted name in online payment processing, to process all credit card transactions. None of your financial information is shared with IFTA Plus.

Where is my credit card number saved?

Your credit card number is not stored on any computer within IFTA Plus.

Who needs to file an IFTA return?

You need an IFTA license if you travel in two or more member jurisdictions, and if your vehicle either weighs more than 26,000 pounds, OR has three or more axles, regardless of weight.

Do you file the IFTA return for me?

No. IFTA Plus will calculate all of your mileage and fuel purchase data and prepare your state form. Because there are times when you will owe a balance to your base jurisdiction, you are required to actually file and sign your return.

What exactly is involved with filing?

It is a lot easier than you think. You print the completed tax documents we prepare for you. Sign the return and mail it in. That’s it!

Does IFTA Plus work for all states?

IFTA Plus works for every state in the United States.

Can't I simply file directly through my state's website?

Many states do not yet allow online filing, though some do. Of the states that do offer online IFTA filing services, most assume you have already performed the state calculations. The state forms only give you the ability to enter your mileage in it’s aggregated form. IFTA Plus is designed to make calculating and preparing your IFTA return painless. Our clients have told us that other filing services are difficult to use, lost their data, or simply didn’t work quickly enough to get their taxes done.

My company is not based in the United States, can I still use IFTA Plus?

IFTA Plus does not currently support Canada or Mexico based companies.

My company is in the United States, but I have some miles in Canada, can I still use IFTA Plus?

IFTA Plus now supports miles both in Canadian and Mexico.

I have miles in New York, will you help me with the New York Highway Use Tax return?

Yes. IFTA Plus assumes all miles in NY are loaded (laden) miles and assumes the largest vehicle weight. These provide the most conservative calculations, and for carriers with a small number of miles in NY, usually do not significantly alter your total IFTA amount. The short answer is yes, IFTA Plus will prepare that for you. Find more information on preparing your New York Highway Use Tax (HUT) here

I have miles in Kentucky, will you help me with the Kentucky Weight-Distance return?

Yes. If you have miles driven in Kentucky, IFTA Plus will prepare your Weight-Distance return for an additional $15 dollars. Find more information on preparing your Kentucky Weight Distance (WD) here

I have miles in New Mexico, will you help me with the New Mexico Weight-Distance return?

Yes. If you have miles driven in Kentucky, IFTA Plus will prepare your Weight-Distance return for an additional $15 dollars. Find more information on preparing your New Mexico Weight Distance (WD) here